Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | May 9, 2016

Spiritual Living 101: Staying positive around negative people

You are happily rolling along with your day when the phone rings. “You are not going to believe what they have done to me now!”, shouts the caller. Mood instantly altered, slumping down into the nearest chair and rolling your eyes, you grit your teeth and settle in for another episode in the day of the life of a negative person.

It is nearly impossible to escape negative people in your life. They come to you through family, friends, work, social media; you can sometimes even be treated to someone’s story of what is wrong with their life, other people, the world in general, in line at the grocery store. And they come to you for a reason. A negative person is a hurting person.

So how do you stay positive? Unless you like the idea of living in a cave all by yourself, you only have two choices: You can either give in and become negative too, or you can find a way to deal with the people who seem determined to bring you down with them.

Sometimes removing yourself from the situation is the only way. But more often than not, the person who is raining on your parade is someone you love or someone you work with. In those cases and others, cutting them out of your life may not be the optimal choice.

So what can you do? Good news! There are ways to not only avoid being sucked in to doom and gloom, but to actually help the person suffering. The following websites contain some great tips for dealing with someone who can’t seem to ever feel good about anything:

How To Deal With Negative People

9 Helpful Tips to Deal With Negative People


And for those of you, like me, who believe that people and situations come to you to teach you and help you with your own spiritual path, whether it be through helping them or growing, there is a great book that helps you to be grateful for difficult people in general for the lessons they bring to you about yourself:

Thank You for Being Such a Pain: Spiritual Guidance for Dealing with Difficult People by Mark Rosen.

Check out these sources, and the next time Negative Nellie calls, you might just find yourself smiling and settling into your chair; knowing that not only do you have the tools to remain positive, but you might just have an opportunity to help someone in need and/or to grow in spirit.



negative behavior

You can either give in and become negative too, or you can find a way to deal.


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