Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | May 6, 2016

Dear Mom: A Mother’s Day Letter

Dear Mom,

Every year on Mother’s Day gifts like flowers, candy, beautiful cards, breakfast in bed, and gift cards to the spa are given to moms around the world with love and gratitude. These are all wonderful, treasured gifts, but they don’t feel like enough this year. Writing isn’t going to do it either, but I think the unbreakable connection we share as mothers will allow the words of my heart to poke up in between the words on paper and speak to your heart.

When I was a little girl, you were the smartest, most beautiful, most fun mother in all the kingdom of mothers. I never could figure out how you managed to do everything, be everything, and always be there.

When I was a teenager, you were the meanest, least fun, dumbest mother in the universe and I couldn’t figure out how YOU could have changed so much.

When I became a mother and you were a grandmother, you were the greatest source of ideas, support, and wisdom. And amazingly enough, YOU changed again and became the smartest, most beautiful, most fun mother in all the kingdom of mothers! I couldn’t figure out how you did that.

Of course, over the years of raising my own children I learned who actually did the changing. I get it. Sorry about that, Mom.

And then I became a grandmother and you were a great-grandmother, and I started to see that all of the amazing strands of joy that began in my womb and then multiplied through my children and theirs, first started in yours. The spiritual connection from mother to mother to mother came to me and through me and beyond me and became a living part of who I am, and I truly felt the allness of being a mom.

On this Mother’s Day I celebrate your motherhood; and mine, and that of my sisters and daughters, and every mother everywhere. I acknowledge the incredible gifts of having a mother, being a mother, and having the opportunity to share with others as we move along the all too swift, sometimes joyous, sometimes painful, never-ending, blessed path that is motherhood.

This Mother’s Day I show my gratitude to a loving God, who in his wisdom, created the beautiful expression of life that is a mom. I thank Him for the opportunity to live the extraordinary experience of co-creator, asst. nurturer, earthly guide, and heart of the family.

I show my gratitude to you, Mom, by taking the gifts you have given me and passing them on through that special love that only mothers can give. And by passing that love right back to you.


Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.





My, mother, my daughter, and myself on my daughter’s wedding day.




  1. simply … beautiful. thank you.


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