Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | May 4, 2016

Feeling stressed? Try taking a break from noise

Stop whatever you are doing right now and listen. What do you hear? How many sounds are going on around you right now? Did you notice them before you stopped to listen?

Your own home it is never truly silent. Appliances hum and outside sounds such as traffic, talking, and lawn mowers make it in to your consciousness. One of the disadvantages of our technological advances is the fact that something is always on. Our homes are filled with televisions, computers, cell phones, IPods, and various kitchen and household appliances that make life easier, but noisier.

But okay…you are used to it. Does it really affect your stress level? Recent research suggests that it does. In fact, it suggests that noise activates our natural stress response:

“Quiet, please!

Both intensity and duration of noise exposure determine the potential for damage. The prolonged effects of noise can trigger the body’s stress response, infusing the body with high levels of stress hormones and creating chronic stress that extends far beyond your delicate ears. Here are a list of those ear-itations:

* Pupils dilate

* Perspiration increases

* Mind races

* Adrenaline is released into the blood supply

* Heart rate escalates

* Sugar and fat levels rise

* Bronchial passages dilate

* Blood clotting time decreases

* Metabolic rate quickens

* Gastrointestinal system activity slows

* Coronary arteries dilate” – Washington Post

Of course stress hormones have their place. They are intended to help you when it comes to a specific danger, but greatly increase your everyday stress when constantly engaged, and bring harm to your body

So how can you reduce your stress level in a noisy world? The solution is simple: Take time for moments of silence. Schedule them, if you must, but do it. Your body will thank you.

( If the idea of absolute silence bothers you choose the sounds of nature. The rhythm of the ocean has soothing qualities. Try the peace of the forest or a babbling brook).

Please see the following for suggestions:

Simple ways to eliminate noise and discover quiet.



If you can’t tolerate complete silence, try time by the ocean.



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