Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | April 25, 2016

Do you call yourself old?: The art of aging gratefully

Do you call yourself old? Be honest. How do you refer to yourself?

Do you think old? What about your age dominates your thoughts?

Do you act old? Chances are that if you call yourself old and think yourself old, you act old.

Or maybe you’ve moved up into the “50 is the new 40” camp. Better than thinking 50 is old, but still comes with an attachment to lost youth, doesn’t it?

What if whatever your age is could be your new age simply through a shift in perspective and attitude? How would your assessment of your age change were you to focus on something other than lost youth (which remains a focus in both previous perspectives)?

What if you were to adopt an attitude of gratitude?

Every day we get is a gift, not a given. And every day we get adds to our experience, our wisdom, our seasoning, our fine tuning.

The natural deterioration of our bodies is an invitation to sharpen our focus on our spirit. It is not the death of youth, but the birth of a new way of living. It is an opportunity to grow a part of us that has been buried beneath our attention to the outward signs of aging and longing for youth. It is a re-birth. And that gift, on top of our experience, on top of the fact that we’re still here, is surely something to be grateful for.

Living a life of gratitude opens your spirit up to receive while gifting you with the ability to enjoy what is right before you. What is right before you right now is an opportunity to embrace your age with gratitude, get excited about your new direction, and make the most of it.




You have the opportunity to age gratefully. Go for it.


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