Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | April 23, 2016

Gardening for spiritual food

Native Americans have always understood the blessings of land and water. Respect and care for mother earth is high on their priority list as a continuous “thank you” for the food and drink the planet provides. They know that they must give as much as they take.

Farmers also understand the delicate balance between giving and taking when it comes to their land. If a farmer fails to provide nutrition and water to his fields they will not provide for him. If he does not take extra care to rotate crops and allow fields to lie fallow occasionally, those fields will stop producing.

Home gardens require the same kind of care. You must plow and weed and give the soil what it needs before you can even plant. Once planting is completed maintenance begins. You must weed and feed and water and prune, and harvest on time. In return your garden will give you much more than sustenance. It will provide spiritual nourishment.

Growing a garden is a spiritual endeavor. You care for it much the same way you care for other things that have meaning to you; your hobbies, books, cars, your home, your health, your relationships. Your plants need constant attention and careful handling as they grow and produce. If you give them what they need they will blossom and give back. If you are hit and miss or lazy in your care your plants will cease to grow and eventually die.




Growing a garden is a spiritual endeavor. You care for it much the same way as you care for other things in your life that have meaning to you.



Not only will well cared for plants provide food, but color, oxygen, heady aromas, a peaceful setting. Your garden will give you a place to relax, unwind, refresh, and renew as you take in the results of what you co-created with your hard work. You get to admire what happens when you and God work together.

Each new Spring arrives with more first time gardeners. For many, the reason for trying their hand at gardening is to save money and/or perhaps to have the satisfaction of knowing that what they eat is healthy because they grew it themselves. What they might not realize is that through working their land, they will also learn what the Native Americans, farmers, and long time gardeners already know:

They will learn to appreciate and honor the blessings that come with participating in the cycle of life.

If you are a first time gardener or considering gardening, understand that land and water are gifts to be received and enjoyed, while respected and cared for. They are opportunities to be good stewards and reap the rewards that come with appreciating, respecting, and caring for God’s creation.

And know that in the process of growing your own food for eating and/or flowers for their beauty you will undoubtedly find spiritual food that you didn’t even know you were hungry for. You will harvest nourishment for your spirit.

If you are a first time gardener, welcome. There are some great tips for the basics below:

First Time Gardener Guide


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