Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | April 22, 2016

Did you pack up your spirit before work today?

Do you take your spirit to work or do you leave it behind? If you believe in a spiritual life I am sure you take it with you to church or temple and maybe even to family gatherings or charity events. You might even take it with you to help the elderly couple down the street. Surely, if you are a believer your spirit walks with you in your own home.

But do you live in spirit at work? Does that depend on what you do or where you work? Is it as simple as choosing appropriate outfits? Is spiritual life the correct attire in some places but not in others? If that is the case can you really call it a spiritual life? Maybe you could call it a spiritual time or a spiritual event.

Do you begin the day in prayer and meditation and inspirational reading, only to forget everything you read and felt during that quiet time once you move into the demands of your actual day?

Out the door you go to do battle with nightmare traffic, a nearly empty gas tank (forgot to fill up again), the constant ding dong of your cell phone, and the looming threat of being fired for being late again.

Running into work at the last minute, you find a frowning boss, a gossipy co-worker, your assistant absent again, and work piled all over your desk. The odds of walking in spirit are absolutely stacked against you. The day has already lost the calm, peaceful center you experienced less than two hours ago.

What can you do?


Well, if you remembered to bring your spirit along, you can shed worldly, stressed out you, pull out real (spirit) you, redress in the appropriate attire, and start the day again.

You can forget the stress of getting to work. You can let go of the behavior of others.  You can stop projecting how bad the day is going to be just because you lost your footing for a bit. (None of these things are within your control.)

You can take a deep breath and realign with your spiritual beliefs, moving yourself back into the same spirit that led you to pray and meditate earlier this morning. (This choice is within your control.)


When you find the stress of circumstance overtaking what you know to be true when you are calm and prayerful, move back into the moment and believe that you are exactly where you belong, and that God is with you no matter where you are.

Remind yourself that you are a spiritual being having a human experience; not the other way around. And remind yourself that the best way to share spirituality is to live spirituality; everywhere you go.




walk your talk

Remember that spiritual living is not a time or an event but the way to walk every path you walk.


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