Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | April 21, 2016

When number two is better than number one

Are you forever striving to be number one? Or have you already become number one and now you are scrambling to keep your spot? Do you enlist the aid of your higher power (God), believing that the top slot is best for you and so you will receive the support you seek? Maybe you have found that it does not bring you the contentment or satisfaction you thought it would and you wonder why.

If like so many of us who were taught to be the best, you find that the position is cold and lonely, and just missing something, read on. The following is a petition from a “number one” to her higher power, who has realized that there might be a more meaningful way to live her best life.

“God, Can you please help me to be number two today?”

“Number two?! Not number one? Top dog? Leader of the pack? Cream of the crop? The best? The smartest? The richest? The prettiest? Number two?! Really! You always ask me to help you to be number one? Why the change of heart?”

“I want to be number two because when I am number one it is all about me. When I am number one I can’t see or think of anyone else. When I am number one my ego is in charge and my spirit is set aside. When I am number one I am all alone. It really is lonely at the top.

I think that when I am number two it is because You are number one. And when You are number one and I am number two You can work through me. And when You work through me I am free of ego and full of spirit and open to receive and give and serve. And when I am number two I can serve alongside all of your other number twos. I think I will be more connected to You and to them.

So can you please help me to be number two today?

I don’t want to stand out anymore. I want to stand with.”

god does not exist

It’s not about me.


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