Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | April 19, 2016

Season’s beauty

When Spring light and color emerge, slipping out from under the gray of winter, we feel fresh, clean, and new.

When Fall begins to dim the light and color of summer, moving us into a less shiny, more reflective time, we feel as if we have lost something.

We change with season’s change.

God’s creative use of natural seasons cleverly illustrates the seasons of our lives. From birth to death we move through the newness of spring, the activity of summer, the slowing down of fall, and finally the quiet of winter.

four seasons

Each season of life is beautiful in its own uniqueness. The fresh, inquisitive faces of babies and young children, the energetic accomplishments of older children and young adults, the subtle move to acceptance of the middle-aged, and finally the sharing of our wise elders.

The trick is to embrace each season in the midst of it. Often it is the people in the fall of their lives who long for spring and summer while fearing winter. In the meantime they are missing the gifts of the season they are in.

Cherish the seasons of your life. Live the part of the journey you are in to the fullest. As you watch nature change throughout the year remember that no season is actually better or worse, but that each is a beautiful representation of the cycle of life.

Take a moment to enjoy the video below:



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