Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | April 10, 2016

Happy New Day :)! Are you living in spirit?

Happy New Day! 

As rain continues to slake the thirst generated by lingering drought in our beautiful California, the roses continue to rejoice.
I do believe they are on to something.
I do believe that the gift of a new dawn, wrapped in beauty, is more than reason enough for me to realize how truly blessed I am right here – right now.
May you find reasons to rejoice today. May you feel the blessings that twirl and dance through the mud, beckoning you to turn away from the noisy insistence that nothing is good enough, everything has gone wrong, and that we might as well give up because we are doomed anyway.
That’s a lie; and not a very good one, as evidenced by the ever returning bloom of flowers and the return to light every single dawn.
Whatever you are doing today, I hope you take the time to wrap your words and actions in love and gratitude before you send them out there.
Choose the lens you view the world through wisely.
Choose to live in spirit.
It truly does make a difference.

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