Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 15, 2015

Drop Everything! Today Is National Relaxation Day!

Congratulations! You have permission to relax and take it easy today. Great! Will you do it? Are you willing to put down the broom? Throw away the to-do list? Leave the clothes in the hamper? Detail the car tomorrow? Run the errands another day? How many of the things that you think you must do today truly must be done today? What would happen if you didn’t do them today? Really??

Take a nap, listen to soft music, go outside and sit quietly, turn everything off and light a candle.

Read a book, cuddle with a pet, meditate, stretch your body slowly, take a long bath.

Share tea with a friend, take a leisurely walk, gaze at something beautiful, bake some homemade treats.

Do anything that quiets your mind, relaxes your body, and feeds your soul. We are a nation of people who congratulate each other on our lack of sleep, strive to accomplish more than we actually have time for, and just generally live with a sense of urgency that is not necessary or healthy.

See an example of a relaxation master below. This relaxing habit is happily demonstrated by Mr. Kitty.

Did I mention that smiling is relaxing, too?

national relaxation day!

Take a break today. Do nothing, or do something you find pleasurable and relaxing. Enjoy National Relaxation Day!

Can’t get out? No problem. Close your eyes and enjoy the soothing sounds of nature:



  1. maybe we will relax next year……or maybe take a rain check and relax on a beautiful autumn day. 🙂


    • Now, how did I already have an idea what your response would be, busy Mama/teacher ;)? lol


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