Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | July 4, 2015

Reflections And Encouragement On Independence Day

On this particular Independence Day I encourage you all to celebrate our country’s independence with gratitude, a time of reflection, and joy. I would further encourage you to take a look at the larger meaning of independence, asking yourself what it means to you.

Today I find myself celebrating an independence that I have not experienced for some time. I finally got around to cleaning up the inside, which has led me to clean up the outside; attacking long put off things with vigor and pride and a grand  sense of accomplishment. I am not done, of course. This is a matter of notable progress, not perfection.

Independence for me means no longer being completely dependent on dysfunctional means of coping; like burying, covering up, focusing on anything or anyone else, keeping busy, or simply checking out into the land of the technological babysitting service. Having said that: There is one dependency that I will never attempt to rid myself of, for it is He who I am dependent upon Who has set me free in Him, and for that I am ever so grateful. Thank You, Father.

I haven’t written in here in a while. The fact that I am writing today is another mark of my new-found freedom. I simply felt compelled to share in the hope that something in my journey might touch yours.

Happy Independence Day! May you seek, find, and reflect on the deeper meaning that lives within your celebration of our country’s freedom.



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