Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | March 18, 2013

An Open Letter Regarding the Nature of Reporting On the Steubenville Rape Case

TO ALL news and media outlets reporting on the Steubenville rape case in such an irresponsible way, ignoring the actual crime committed – rape, as well as the rape victim, and characterizing the perpetrators as victims:

My hope is that you will be held accountable for your thoughtless reporting, because in my eyes, you are guilty of perpetuating a very wrong way of thinking that needs to stop, not be glorified! In your reports, the victim is dismissed, the young men excused, and the crime of rape deemed less important than the halt of possibly promising futures. The blame is put on the courts, when the only two people responsible for all of this are the two young men who committed the crime of rape. And about that promising future? Who knows what kind of men they would have become had they gotten away with it? And who knows what kind of men they now have a chance to become by facing their consequences?

Dismissing the seriousness of rape, as well as the rape victim, and providing excuses, via blame, for the young men is damaging to all three of the young people involved. You invalidate the fact that a young woman was raped, and send the wrong message to the two young men, as well as teach distorted values thinking to the young people watching and reading what you say matters in this case.

Rape is rape. Crimes committed must have consequences, and personal responsibility is imperative, if the two young men are to learn from this and do better.

I STAND WITH THE VICTIM. I stand for personal responsibility. I stand for moral ethics in reporting, and until you do the same, I will not be watching or reading anything you present.


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