Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | January 10, 2013

Looking for Jack: A poem for Kerouac lovers

Looking For Jack

I’m looking for Jack in 2005

Have you seen him?

Yes, I know he’s dead

But he’s still here

I’m looking in RR yards

and aboard merchant ships

and in city streets

and Mexican brothels

and back seats of cars

and drunken parties

and cabins by the sea

and in your eyes

and in mine

I’m still looking for Duluoz

In today’s words

in young people’s desires

in alcoholic dreams

in useless, wringing hands

in joyous, tapping toes

in fluid sax improv.

in homeless addict’s keening

in Denver snowy nights

in Big Sur rushing waters

And still looking for Ti Jean

Have you seen his holy vision?

through your kitchen window

under a rainbowed sky

next to the toothless traveler

over the heads of schoolchildren

inside a bottle of wine

beneath a glowing billboard

at the top of a heap of dung

served with bacon and eggs

sewn into your shorts

And still chasing after John in 2013

or after his holiness

or after the holiness he was after

or after your holiness

or after world holiness

or maybe only after mine

Must I follow him home to find it?

Have you see Holy Jack?


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