Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | May 11, 2012

Being mindful on Mother’s Day: Balancing celebration with compassion

Mother’s Day is coming up. It is a wonderful tradition to take time out to honor those who take time out on a daily, no hourly, no all the time basis, to give you the best of themselves. They deserve a joyful day!

But we sometimes forget that it is also a painful day for those who have recently lost their mothers and for those mothers who have recently lost a child. And it’s bittersweet for those who have had some time to heal, but miss their loved ones all the same. Then there are those who really wanted to be a mother, but life said no. Mother’s Day is painful for them too. Even when we do remember, we don’t know how to balance the celebration with compassion.

So I’m suggesting that you honor mothers to the best of your ability because they deserve that day when the tables are turned and it’s all about them. Go all out with your demonstrations of gratitude. Share the joy of relationship. Celebrate!

At the same time I am asking you to be mindful of those who don’t feel like celebrating because they are in pain, to say a little prayer for the people who will be having a hard time on Sunday. It it’s someone you know, give them the gift of your support in any way they may need it. Follow their lead.

And if you are reading this and you are the one hurting, be gentle with yourself. Don’t worry about how you are supposed to feel or behave on Sunday. This is not a time that you need to worry about meeting the expectations of others. It is a time to trust your own instincts and be clear about what you need. And please know that I am praying for you. I don’t know how you feel because I am not you, but I know how it feels to be lost on this day because I have been through it. Know this too: It will never be same because your life has changed, but it does get better.

Be mindful this Mother’s Day. Be willing to show your love to the moms in your life, to the ones you love who are hurting, and to yourself. You can balance celebration with compassion through love.




  1. Amen. 🙂


  2. Thank you. Beautifully written


  3. You are most welcome. Thank you :).


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