Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | October 7, 2011

The Light of Freedom – you don’t have to live with abuse

The Light of Freedom 

The light of freedom is merely a speck
Too small and too far to consider
She has learned that there is no way out
Still she finds herself drawn as she stares
At the one thing she knows she can’t have
The light of freedom grows with awareness
Loving support boosting it’s radiance
Seeing hope she dares to lean forward
Guided now by real possibility
She begins her journey to transformation
The light of freedom is shining brilliantly before her
Overpowering the darkness of fear
Lighting the path from abuse to healing
Revealing those who stand at every turn
Reaching out to keep her steady
The light of her freedom now illumines her own smile
As reaching back she shares her gift
Offering her hand as her glow shimmers around her
To those behind her beholding the speck
Tentatively reaching out toward the gleam of hope
Dedicated to all the survivors and supportive people who selflessly share the way
From the darkness of abuse to the light of freedom  
Terri Johnston Fraracci

September 12, 2011

Written for: SISFI’s Abused/Bullied Victims/Survivors Apprecilove Tribute. Presented Oct0ber 12, 2011 – @SISFINetwork

*If you are in an abusive situation please know that you can get out. I know. I did. If you think you know someone who is in an abusive situation, be available to support them as they make their way to freedom.



  1. Terri, this is so beautiful and so true. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing yourself so openly with all of us.


  2. You are most welcome Eileen. Thank you :).


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