Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | September 4, 2011

Remembering 9/11/01 – taking a moment for acknowledgment, commemoration, and healing

Ten years after the unspeakable tragedy and loss on 9/11/01, Americans still remember every detail, and still feel the shock and the pain of the most violent attack imaginable. So many lives were lost. So many families and friends said goodbye that morning; not knowing that they would never see their loved one again. Every American’s life changed on that unforgettable day.

On this 10th anniversary, I offer a few suggestions for acknowledgment, commemoration, healing, and action:

Take a moment to remember those we lost and the people they left behind. Pray for the families and friends whose lives were ripped apart that day. Send silent blessings, wish them well, plant a flower, or whatever you choose. Just give them a moment.

Take another moment to remember your own experience.  So many of us realized the value of our family, our country, our lives, and each moment, on that horrific day. We felt how fragile and unpredictable life can be on a gut level on that day. Share your experience with someone else or share here. A burden is always lighter when two or more are carrying.

My experience – I was getting ready to go to work when the first plane hit. I have a large family and the phone was ringing off the hook as we checked in with each other, made sure everyone was safe, and told each other how much we loved each other.

My job that day was to teach strings at a local high school. There was no music that morning. My students and I sat dumbfounded before the screen as the reports kept coming in. I can still feel the shock as I write this.

When I returned home, my family and I just sat watching; trying to take it all in and make sense of a senseless tragedy. I have never forgotten that morning or the people who lost their loved ones. That kind of pain never goes away. You just learn to live around the hole in your heart.

That’s why I feel so strongly about taking a moment for the victims. Today I am reminded once again of my priorities: my relationship with God, my family, my friends, and anyone else that I have the good fortune to spend time with. 9/11/01 changed me.

Let’s acknowledge what happened to our nation, together as a nation. Let’s come together as one, united in our support for the victims, our gratitude to all the men and women who put their lives on the line to save others, and our commitment to not only remember, but to honor the fallen through how we live our lives today.

As the sun rises on 9/11/11, take a moment to remember the victims, their loved ones, and the tireless heroes of 9/11/01.



  1. Life is so fragile. Each day we are reminded of just how fleeting it is. Here we remember this in a very profound way.


  2. Yes. Thank you Eileen :).


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