Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 24, 2011

Creating a healthy temple to house a healthy spirit – one year later.

Just about this time last year, I embarked on a lifestyle change designed to restore my body to health, so that my spirit could have all my attention, proper support, and free rein. The ultimate goal was to clear the path for spiritual growth. To see the posts that outline the beginning of this journey click here. 

It has been an interesting year. I have learned much about my body, my spirit, and myself. My hope that treating my body with honor would lead to spiritual growth has become a reality. Some wonderful changes have occurred. I would like to share just a few twists and turns in the path I have walked with you.

Choosing, cooking, and eating as close to mother nature as possible ( lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, moderate amounts of whole grains – no white, small portions of lean, unprocessed meats and more meatless meals, very little processed anything, no fast food, drinking lots of water) led to a slow and steady weight loss of about 25 lbs. over a couple of months. My energy, clarity, and thinking improved, as did the state of my skin and hair. On my way!

The holidays turned out to be less of a challenge than I anticipated. I was so happy with the way I felt that I was not tempted to overindulge in my usual fat-laden, high calorie, low nutritional favorites. I did allow myself small portions of the holiday treats I have always loved and was surprised at how satisfied I was to simply enjoy a taste, without giving up my new love – healthy eating.

In the meantime I did begin to enjoy the benefits of a happy body. Feeling good, clear, and focused has contributed immensely to my spiritual growth. What I thought would happen did. My body no longer stole all the attention from my spirit, and I began to grow. Powerful!

Mid-winter I worked a temporary job that was physically demanding and consisted of long hours, day after day. I was thrilled to have the energy to meet the demands of the job! But as time went by, between the need for more calories, and the desire for convenience, I faltered. I didn’t gain any weight, and I didn’t give up my lifestyle change completely, but I did set myself up by allowing old eating habits to creep in, little by little.

The job ended, but the mix of good and bad continued, so of course I gained a few pounds back. But the more noticeable changes were my level of energy, clarity, and focus. They began to diminish. In addition, I did not feel as good, and so my body had my attention again.

Back to eating healthy again! I wanted the physical and spiritual benefits (say nothing about the green benefits) more than I wanted my old staples. I began to feel better almost immediately.

Some surprising lessons have come out of this journey. I have actually learned a lot about me. I’ve learned a lot about what I am capable of, what really sets me free, how I (not others) truly feel about food, health, respect of self and earth. I learned how to choose a lifestyle that promotes a healthy body and a healthy spirit, and a happy, true to myself, me.

So today I am back to my original weightloss weight one year from the beginning of the journey. I am back to feeling good and having the energy and clarity to let my spirit soar. My body is happy and quiet. I have designed a plan that works for me; not quite as strict as in the beginning, as I have embraced my own belief in the beauty of enjoying and sharing food as a means of relationship, and because I find that allowing a few treats is caring for myself too, but pretty darn healthy and rewarding.

As I embark on year two, I look forward to the continuing lessons that I know will come. I am grateful for all that I have learned, for feeling good, and for finding my way in maintenance. But most of all, I am enjoying today. Seeing and enjoying the lovely evidence of  spiritual growth (living in the moment) is reason enough to be content with where I am right now.

Meet my girls. They contribute to my lifestyle with fresh eggs, fertilizer to add to compost, and love. They are very social.







  1. A wonderful journey. You are so good to yourself Terri. I feel that God hurts for us when we abuse out bodies, one of our gifts from Him to us that He wants us to cherish.


  2. Well said Eileen. Thank you 🙂


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