Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 21, 2011

Could you willingly give away your possessions and more?

“All my possessions are just tools for fulfilling God’s purposes. I either give them away or use them on that sole basis.” – Rick Warren

I have been thinking about this ever since I read it. What would my life be like if all my possessions were earmarked to serve God’s purpose? That kind of focus on service combined with detachment to things would surely take stress & ego DOWN to a whole new level, & elevate spirit. This would be a great spiritual challenge.

Could you do it? Could you ask yourself before each purchase if it serves God in some way or would I be willing to give it away to help another? Could you give away something you cherish today if it served a greater purpose? Changes how you look at your stuff. 

This doesn’t mean you never buy anything for yourself. God doesn’t want us to do without. It means that you are never more attached to your things than you are to God and the desire to help others. It means that if it comes down to a choice between your possessions and Him or someone else, you are clear on which way you will go.

What if the statement is a parable? Take it beyond stuff! Everything God has given you (stuff, money, talent, love) is a tool for fulfilling His purpose by either giving it away or using it to His glory exclusively. Can you imagine always being willing to share all your gifts one way or another as your gift of love back to the God who gave them all to you in the first place? Oh I think life would be amazing if we could do that!

So now there’s an even bigger spiritual challenge then being selfless with your possessions. The challenge is to be selfless with ALL that you are, embracing God’s gifts to you with gratitude, but easily releasing them to others to serve His purpose.

Could you do it? Could you love and trust God so much that you can replace your fear of not enough and your desire to have things with a love so great that you recognize that everything you have and everything that is you is actually not yours, but His in your hands, to share with all others, to further His purpose?

How much of your stress and anxiety revolves around your attachments to people, things, and yourself?  How much energy would you have for love if you weren’t giving it to stress, fear, and ego? What would your life be like if you were not only totally detached from everything you have and are, recognizing them as gifts from God, but totally willing to give them all away?

Is it possible that a life that is free from the stress revolving around “ownership”, full of energy for giving, calm in the midst of a global mindset of “mine”, grateful for the gifts and clear on what they are for, is the life He intended for us?

Just might be.




  1. Terri,
    I think I’m not attached to “things”, but really I am. When it’s put in those terms it would be hard to give up the comforts in life. It would be hard to give up the obsessive control of the emotions people have on us. I’d like to think I could, but really I doubt it. While I was reading this, I couldn’t help but think though….we die alone and take nothing with us, so when we do return to our eternal home, it is with only that with which we came into this world.


  2. Good point Eileen. I think the key is to see all we have as His and temporary, and learn to enjoy without attaching. Tough challenge! Thank you 🙂


  3. Just thought I’d say hello Terri … 🙂 Will try to get by to read … thanks for all you do. It’s amazing! –Daisy


  4. Hello to you too! Thank you Daisy. Right back at ya 🙂


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