Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 14, 2011

My Dad and me

My Dad would have been 84 years old today.  Happy Birthday Dad! I miss you.

I thought about you this morning as I sat before a campfire sipping coffee. One of my favorite memories is how I would always awaken to the smell of fresh coffee and sizzling bacon wafting into the tent, and upon getting up just to be with you, would be lovingly welcomed to the day by your “Good Morning!” and a big smile.

As I sat there smiling, remembering all our special times, I remembered this poem I wrote for you on Father’s Day while you were still here. After you went Home, I revised it. I hope you won’t mind if I share it on your birthday. I love you Dad.

My Dad and me

Four hurried baby steps

To match one long stride

Fat dimpled hand

Held securely within calloused fingers


Two uncertain little girl steps

To match one long stride

Never-ending curiosity

Slowly satisfied by his living knowledge


One unsure grown-up step

Almost matches one long stride

Wise hand at the small of her back

Loosely guiding when beckoned


One sure grown-up step

No stride to match

Daddy can you see me?

I made it

My Dad and me

My Dad and me



  1. This is so nice Terri. You were really lucky to have had him.


  2. Thank you for sharing your poem. I needed a good cry to start my day. No, seriously, what a special way to commemorate growing up being nurtured by the love and guidance of your father. I know he is proud when he looks down to see you.


  3. beautiful! and the line: “daddy can you see me, I made it” really touched my heart … as that is how I feel at times, Susan Raines


  4. Thank you Susan 🙂


  5. Remembering your dad brings a smile to my face. He was cool. So is your poem.


  6. He was. Thank you Corine 🙂


  7. Very sweet…. I wrote a poem for my mother’s wake / funeral. If there is interest I will share it.


  8. Beautiful, Terri. Brought tears to my eyes. My father’s birthday was Aug.11. He passed in 1999. Thanks for the beautiful poem.


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