Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | July 1, 2011

Let’s stand united on Independence Day.

 On July 4th we commemorate our independence from Britain’s rule. The 1776 Declaration of Independence used the words United States of America for the first time; finalizing the title on November 15, 1777.  The definition of united is: 1. Combined into a single entity. 2. Concerned with, produced by, or resulting from mutual action. 3. Being in harmony; agreed.

When the American colonials came together as a single entity and agreed upon a mutual action the result was their independence from Britain. They stood united and gained their freedom. Had they fought among themselves, argued about course of action, got stuck on who was right, and acted from a place of fear, they would never have attained the precious freedom we celebrate on Independence Day.

The United States of today is fraught with controversy, fear, negativity, and division. “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” – Mark 3:25 NIV Bible. But a united group of people can achieve amazing goals. The Declaration of Independence represents just such an achievement. It is a powerful lesson in unity.

The 4th of July holiday presents a wonderful opportunity to learn from the wisdom of the ages and  the experience of the brave colonial men and women who came together and stood as one; securing the very freedom that we Americans enjoy today. Take a moment during the holiday to consider how we might benefit as a nation if we were to pull together as one. Take another moment to express your gratitude for and your pride in our country.

Let’s stand united on this Independence Day.

Take a couple of minutes to remind yourself how wonderful our country is by watching the “This is America Your Heart and Soul Movie” and the America The Beautiful video below.


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