Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | March 14, 2011

The “End of America” Phenomenon

Over the last two weeks I have been informed that the “end of America” is imminent. Curiously, this statement has been backed up by three very different explanations. Sadly, all three sources seem to have motive and agenda that differ from their stated purpose. What all three do have in common is their tactic – FEAR!

Initially, I was only looking for Naomi Wolf’s End of America book. Coming from a historical/political viewpoint Ms. Wolf asserts that the end of America is coming, and cites parallels between historical moves to fascism and tyranny, and what is happening in our government from Bush to today.

Looking for Ms. Wolf’s video, I stumbled across the prophecies of Nathan Leal on The Watchman’s Cry video.  Mr. Leal cites the prophecies from the Bible along with his own as his reason for believing that America is coming to an end.

And yet another video popped up. In this video Porter Stansberry of Stansberry & Associates Investment Research asserts that the end of America will come when the dollar is no longer of value. Of course he says it is happening now. According to him, there will be chaos and poverty beyond our imagination in the streets of America.

Naomi Wolf paints a compelling and convincing picture of political shifts that mimic those historical events like the rise of Hitler. What I found ironic is that she speaks of the “scare tactics” used by the Bush administration within the structure of what I consider her scare tactics. Much has been written about her motives and what she stands to gain, and I am not entirely sure what exactly that is beyond the obvious monetary gain. What bothers me is the nature of the warning. What she asserts may be true, but to push the panic button is inappropriate and manipulative.

Nathan Leal predicts that the end is near based on the belief that the end of the world prophecies are in the works. Of course we have been hearing this for decades. But again, it is the scare tactics that bother me. You must repent now for the end is near!  I do not know when this will happen, but I do know that running to God out of fear is not for me. I love, honor, and respect God because he is God, not because if I don’t hurry up and do it soon I will die. Why do you think we do NOT know the day or hour?

Stansberry’s video is the easiest one to dismiss. He too paints a compelling picture of the falling economy and what will happen next. It is when he tells you he knows how to survive what is coming and can help you too that you begin to groan and wonder why you watched it this long. Then he slyly throws in how not only will you survive, but you can actually make money while others are devastated……well you know the rest. He uses scare tactics to scam already frightened and desperate people, and make money for himself.

So what is my point? I will do my best to explain how this mind-boggling combination of political, economical, spiritual reasons to cower in fear struck me. All three left me disappointed and saddened by how easily we are drawn to fear and panic, and how quickly we can be sucked into believing what someone says just because it looks intelligent, legitimate, worthy, or because it is something we need to hear. I believe that it is disrespectful beyond measure to manipulate others through fear for your own gain; whether you truly believe what you are saying or not.

Of course America as we know it will end someday. Of course the world as we know it will end someday. But what about today? What about right now? Are you going to start living your life based on the fear of the future others have told you is realistic? How does that affect the quality of your today? You don’t even know when these things may happen or if you will even be here.

I am not advocating ignorance. I do believe in observation and study. I do believe you should keep up with what is going on around you and align yourself with what resonates with you and not participate in what doesn’t. What I don’t believe in is changing my beliefs or way of life because I have been frightened by the presentation of someone whose intention is to panic others for gain. What I don’t believe in is repenting out of fear of death. I believe in living my beliefs in respect and love. I believe that we can’t possibly predict the future, which is why it is more realistic to stay in today.

Just sharing my thoughts because it bothers me to see the prevalence of fear produced by the above, as well as many other sources. On the heels of the ever-growing “end of America” fad, we are witnessing the unprecedented tragedy that is unfolding in Japan. I have already seen this event used to prove the points of the “religious” who are fearful.

What is happening in Japan may indeed be part of the “end of the world” prophecy, but it is not proof that the end is right around the corner. It IS a call for us to support, aid, and pray for our fellow human beings.  I, for one, am done spending time on the “End of America” Phenomenon. I would rather focus on what I can do right now for whichever of God’s children needs help. I am not going to spend this moment fearing tomorrow. I will spend today loving God and everyone else who comes into my life to the best of my ability.

 “Give us this day our daily bread.” – Mathew 6:11, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.” – Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry then, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear for clothing?'” – Matthew 6:31, “Do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.” – Luke 12:7 ……..Brought to you by the original author of living in the moment, not giving in to worry & fear, & knowing you are loved – God :).

*Please pray for Japan and support them in any way that you can. Thank you.



  1. GREAT!!article Terri
    Keep speaking your heart mind and soul and Gods word many are listening and we all need the voice of encouragement,wisdom.


  2. I thought I may lead the way on such a blog… You have stated the cause well for a cautious view of the “doomsayers”. You stated it directly in the manner I can embrace.

    May I ask… how can we build out this message? The social agenda we need for change is not on a macro level of economics and politics, rather each family must begin dialogue to discover and rediscover the basis of unconditional love. With that the community will gain strength – revitalized and re-focused on responsibility to self, respect toward others and reflection on the tough decisions that must be made. Faith will prevail in like manner regardless of the circumstances.

    Stay in touch please?

    T cat


  3. Nathan and his wife Donna run a tight ship on their forum ‘watchmancry’ and really is much like a cult, if you do not follow what they say you are not welcome.


  4. Yes we run a tight ship…because we have to. Many people want to spread false doctrines that do not line up with scripture. It is our job to keep peoples feet to the fire when it comes to scripture. Lets face it folks, even “Christians” can be fruitless ( mean and rude) and sometimes they need to be banned when they misbehave. No one is forced to stay at our forum so to call it a cult is mean and frankly a false accusation. You have a very nice blog Terri. Keep up the good fight sister.


    Donna Leal


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