Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | September 14, 2010

All his worldly goods fit on a shelf.

On my way up the freeway to church a few weeks ago something caught my eye. Beneath one of the overpasses is a concrete shelf. It is so close to the road above it that you can’t really sit up. Though it goes the width of the overpass, it can’t jut out more than four feet.

Upon this shelf resides a pack, sleeping bag, recycling materials, odds and ends, and a homeless man. All his worldly goods fit on that concrete shelf. That is his home until authorities come along and tell him that even that space does not belong to him.

Every time I drive by I say a prayer. Every time I drive by I look to see if he is still there and still safe, and I pray that nobody will take what little he has from him. I don’t really know how to help him directly, but I do know how to help the homeless in general.

  1. Pray for the homeless every day.
  2. Bring awareness to the plight of so many of our brothers and sisters.
  3. Acknowledge them as human beings – “I am homeless, not invisible.” –
  4. Give real help whenever you can – “Dealing with the beggar behind the sign” –
  5. Rethink your view of homeless people in your town, country, and world.

Please take a moment to think about what your life would be like if all your wordly goods fit on a shelf under an overpass. Take another moment to think about what you can do for one of your brothers and sisters. For ideas please read the two articles within this one. We can make a difference.

Imagine living there. - Photo - Arlette -



  1. I feel for people who don’t take the time to think before they judge the homeless. At any given moment, any number of circumstances can bring us closer to that same situation. I, too, hope he is okay and safe and can hold on to all that he can, while he can.


  2. Well said Mia. Thank you 🙂


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