Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | September 12, 2010

Week seven of honoring my body and spirit through better eating.

This post is part three in a series on my journey of eating healthier in order to honor my body and spirit. You can find the first two posts here.

As I begin week seven I have come to three realizations that I would like to share with you:

  • This is definitely not a diet, but a lifestyle change that I am enjoying.
  • The happier my body is, the quieter it is; allowing me to stay in spirit.
  • I have been doing this long enough now to allow myself some “treats”. Interestingly enough I find that for the most part I don’t even want them and that when I do indulge, I don’t go overboard.

I am enjoying it because I just feel so darn good! At the risk of repeating myself I am lighter, more energetic, more focussed, and feeling joyful. It’s true! When my body isn’t clamoring for more sugar, more junk, more bread, more, more, more!, my spirit just soars! The desires of an unhealthy body are no longer holding spirit down.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. There is nothing like sitting down to a meal prepared with loving hands. Cooking, eating, and enjoying the gift of food together is an opportunity to stop all the busyness and enjoy relationship. For that reason I have no desire to be a purist when it comes to what I will or won’t eat. But I will continue to eat as close to nature’s bounty as I can.

Started buying whole wheat tortillas instead of bread. Now make my own.

I told a friend today how someone had given me pizza (one of my faves). I was amazed when I realized I didn’t want it. It no longer looks good to me. Her comment was, “Oh no. Now that you’ve crossed over, you won’t want to go back.” She’s right. I am perfectly happy in the land of fruits, veges, water, unprocessed food, and much smaller portions of meat and whole grains. Next time I want pizza I will make it myself.

Next time I want pizza I will make it myself.



  1. As you know (I think), I’m beginning to explore the preparing of foods…something that has been left to the microwave and freezer in the past. One of the pieces of this that hits home:

    “Food is meant to be enjoyed. There is nothing like sitting down to a meal prepared with loving hands.”


    • Glad it resonated with you. I hope you enjoy learning and cooking in new ways as much as I am enjoying it. Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. You are an inspiration. You are taking respect for your body to a holistic new level!


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