Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | September 11, 2010

Please join me in promoting love and safety in New York today.

This piece is more of an appeal than anything else. I feel compelled to ask all of you to pray for ALL of the people who are protesting (for and against) the building of the Islamic Centre two blocks from Ground Zero today.

It does feel very disrespectful to protest on a day meant for honoring, commemorating, and praying for all of the victims of 9/11; but it is already happening, and we have no control over that, so getting angry, spreading more pain, and arguing about the inappropriateness of the protests is a waste of time and energy.

What we can control is our response. For me, that means stepping up my prayer, continuing to encourage unity, tolerance, and love; and appealing to you to do the same.  Please join me in promoting love and safety in New York today. Whether through prayer, positive thoughts, or sharing with your words and actions, be a part of the solution of the terrible division we are witnessing in our country today.

Thank you.

Pray for love and safety of ALL today.



  1. Terri, I can do all you ask except tolerate. Tolerance to me is betrayal. I pray for peaceful protesting and positive results. I do not want Islam to set up government under our noses. So you can guess which side I would be on. Thank you for your kind approach to such a grave situation.


    • Corine: Thank you for being willing to help. And thank you for your honesty. I respect your opinion. This is the perfect example of love – you and I do not agree completely, but we both care deeply enough to work together on common ground. Thank you 🙂


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