Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | September 10, 2010

Victims of the San Bruno gas explosion receive outpouring of love

Everyone knows about the horrific gas explosion that decimated a San Bruno neighborhood last night. At last count, four people are dead, over fifty are wounded, and many houses are gone. Please pray for these folks. They are facing a long road to recovery.

A story on the news this morning featured a man who heard about the explosion on the radio on his way home from work last night. He turned his car around and headed straight for San Bruno to see what he could do. He was still there this morning helping in any way he could.

By this afternoon, donations of food, clothing, and supplies reached a level where an announcement saying they had more than they needed was necessary. At this point, what they still need is money. You can donate to the Red Cross to help.

As sad as it is that many, many people are suffering from this tragedy, I found myself thinking how heartening it is to see people jump to aid others in time of need. They got more donations and volunteers than they needed! So many people have been negatively impacted by our economy, and yet they give what they can without hesitation.

I just wanted to share how beautiful I think it is that ordinary people came together out of love to help a group of people who have been devastated. This is the perfect example of how we are evolving into a humanity that cares about their brothers and sisters. We are blossoming into loving, caring people! I am so grateful to be able to witness such love!

I ask again, that you pray for the San Bruno neighborhood, and donate to the Red Cross if you can. I would also ask that you take the powerful demonstration of love we saw today to heart. We can all do something for somebody. Imagine a world full of folks like the generous people who stepped up today!

We are blossoming into loving, caring people!


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