Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | September 1, 2010

Sun Just Sittin’ On a Branch

Don Paul Way is an inspiring songwriter, musician, friend, and loving spirit. He recently posted an exquisite picture and title on his Facebook page that caught my eye, my heart, and my soul. I found myself thinking that seeing the sun pause for just a moment was a beautiful, spiritual reminder to all of us that it is in those little moments that we stop and breathe, renew our faith and souls, and grow spiritually if we are willing to merely stand still and be fed. 

I was inspired to write a short poem to go with the amazing picture below. It is my hope that you are also inspired by the photo, the poem, or both to stop when a beautiful moment presents itself and gratefully receive the gifts lovingly offered. 

Sun Sittin On A Branch Photo and title - Don Paul Way


Sun Sittin On a Branch  

Sun just sittin on a branch  

kissing the tree with her glow  

contentedly sharing soft light  

warming hearts and nourishing souls



  1. Enjoyed reading this! Found your link in Twitter. Thanks for the reminder to be open to the gifts of the universe, to express gratitude and wonder for these blessings.


  2. Thank you Marie. So glad you enjoyed it :).


  3. Very nice Terri. What a wonderful tribute to a good friend.


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