Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 31, 2010

Still eating healthier – still reaping benefits

I began sharing my adventure taking my eating habits up a notch in a previous article –  A healthy temple allows your spirit to soar! . I began this journey in the hope that I could honor my body; which in turn honors my spirit, and ultimately allows me to stay in spirit more.

A little over 4 weeks have passed since I made the commitment. I have enjoyed meeting the challenge, learning how to eat and cook as close to earth’s natural bounty as possible, and I have really enjoyed the food I have been eating. Funny thing is, not only do I not miss anything, I have actually developed a healthy aversion to fast food, processed food, and fatty, sugary junk. And fruits and vegetables have never tasted better to me. Without the competition of processed food, the flavors we were originally intended to enjoy are bright, full, and delicious!

Without the competition of processed food, natural flavors just explode!

Physically, I am lighter, more energetic, and more focussed. I seem to be able to accomplish more of what I set out to do with less stress, less backtracking to correct mistakes, and more enthusiasm.  I just plain feel good.

Spiritually speaking I find that in the beginning I had to spend much time and energy turning things around in my thinking and eating habits. Now that healthy eating has become routine, I find myself spending more and more moments simply reveling in the gift of spirit. My body isn’t yelling “I want” all the time anymore. It has taken its rightful place after spirit.

There is a special sense of contentment that accompanies honoring the gift of my body. In addition, this kind of eating leads to more composting and recycling and much less trash, and so I am honoring my gift of a beautiful world to live in as well. How can I not feel absolutely joyful?

I have come to a new understanding of how the physical and the mental compete with spirit. We have come to believe that our minds serve a much greater purpose than our spirit. The mind is a wonderful tool, but like any other tool, there are times to put it down. It is the same way with the body. Our bodies were created to house our spirits during this part of our journey. They are not what we are about. They are the spirit’s temporary home. Like any shelter, upkeep is important, but no house is more important than the home within it.

I just wanted to share my thoughts and revelations at this point. If you are interested in taking care of your spirit by taking care of your body, you might want to consider starting with saying no to processed, fatty, sugary junk and yes to mother nature’s gifts. I am betting that you will find, as I have, that your spirit will begin to soar unencumbered by the demands of a body that has been taught that it is you.

All you need without the excess calories that come with junk. Yummy!


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