Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 29, 2010

YAY for George Clooney’s Bob Hope Humanitarian Award acceptance speech!

YAY for the words of truth that George Clooney spoke when accepting the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the 2010 Emmys!

Mr. Clooney said two things that are absolutely true in our current times:

  1. Our media focusses way too much on bad behavior.
  2. People tend to jump to help in a disaster, but leave when the next story hits.

The five-year anniversary of Katrina clearly reveals the truth in Clooney’s words. So many are still struggling to come back from their losses. Haiti is still in the midst of horrendous conditions. The BP oil spill will remain a disaster for many for some time to come. Sadly, the list of people who received immediate help, but still struggle as we turn to the next thing is very long.

George said that if someone could figure out a way to keep people helping until help was no longer needed , THAT would be an achievement! He is right. Perhaps he has started the ball rolling by planting that idea in the minds of everyone watching tonight. Perhaps we can help to make it a reality.

What can we do? How about turning our backs on “bad behavior” media, making a commitment to stay with a cause until our help is no longer needed, continuing to share about what we can do – not what they did, continuing to support and uplift the people who do stay as long as they are needed.

George Clooney obviously has a generous, loving, humble spirit. But what really struck me was his willingness to convey the truth that what we do when the disaster is fresh and the cameras are rolling is just not enough. His words challenge all of us to think about what we watch, talk about, and commit to. Are we in it for the long haul?

I would be amazed that I was so struck by a television acceptance speech if I didn’t already know that God can and will use the words of an unsuspecting person to inspire us; especially when they speak from the heart. It is my hope that what George said is the most remembered moment from the 2010 Emmy broadcast.

When you talk about the Emmys, talk about George’s speech. When you talk about the news, talk about humanitarian stories. When you talk about love, talk about the kind of love that is not swayed by the media or the hype, but remains steadfast in its desire to live in the kind of works that truly make a difference; not just for a short time, but for as long as it takes.

Listen to George talking about how peace is a long-term job below:


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