Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 28, 2010

One loving gift

If you could give one loving gift today, what would it be? It’s a good question. Sometimes the idea of living in love 24/7 is overwhelming. It seems like a lot to ask when you have jobs, families, responsibilities, your own issues. But what if you started your day with the idea of just one gift? Could you do that?

There are so many gifts of love:

A smile

A hug

Really listening

Sharing inspiration

Holding the door

Engaging with the grocery checker

Calling your mom

Waiting patiently

Serving a meal

Supporting a friend

Saying thank you

The list of possibilities is endless because the loving gifts of the heart are endless. The beautiful mystery is that if you give just one gift of your heart it will multiply. Love lives through a chain made of tiny little presents to each other.

Choose to share a loving gift with someone in your path today. Any gift to any person will keep love going in their heart and yours. Before you know it, the one seed you planted will grow into a garden so beautiful that you will find yourself joyfully planting more.

Before you know it, the one seed you planted will grow into a garden so beautiful....



  1. Thank you for this new day’s reminder. Sometimes I also start a week by reading the Prayer of Saint Francis… another inspiration for how to share loving gifts.


  2. First, I love the flowers and the wine barrel. I’m glad to see the list…let’s one know that these actions can be both large and small.


  3. Glad you like them. Thank you 🙂


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