Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 11, 2010

What contributes to your sense of well-being?

Most dictionaries define well-being as “the state of being well, happy, or prosperous”. In my eyes well-being is a state that allows my peace, joy, and contentment to come through no matter what circumstances life throws at me. Happiness seems to be a state that is directly tied to circumstance. When are you most often asked if you are happy? Isn’t it usually after a major event in your life? Don’t you often start a sentence with, “I’m so happy that…..”.

But joy is a gift of the spirit. It comes from inside and is unaffected by the negative occurrences of the outside world. That’s not to say that I am not saddened or sometimes angered by the way of the world. But when I am “well” I don’t become that pain or anger because I am rooted in joy. When I am joyful, I am well.

So what contributes to my sense of well-being? Here are just a few things I know contribute, support, and nurture the state of spiritual well-being I believe we can all experience:

  • Connection – With God, nature, animals, and other human beings. Nothing brings me more peace than when it is just God and me. Nature always slows my heart rate, my breathing, and my mind. She has a way of cleansing my soul. Animal and human connection is more active, but no less satisfying. Loving, sharing, caring, and lifting each other up is powerful medicine for wellness. Family and relationship comes right after God on my list of priorities.
  • Moments of just being – where I am taking nothing in and giving nothing out. These moments remind me that I am a human being; not a human doing.
  • Honoring my body – When I take care of the gift of my body, my body takes care of me. I do believe that our bodies are the temples housing our spirits. If my temple is well, I am free to focus on spirit.
  • Inspiration – When I read inspirational words, witness an inspiring moment, or have AHA! moments during conversation with friends my spirit soars! I have so many sources of inspirational literature, and daily connection with lovely spirits who take joy in sharing what inspires them; thus inspiring me.
  • Music –  It is amazing how music affects us. I like a lot of different types of music and find myself gravitating toward different genres that go with my mood. But I know that classical music, hymns and contemporary gospel, sounds of nature pieces, and Native American songs resonate in my soul. I know they contribute to my well-being.
  • Unexpected gifts – The smile of a child, an elderly couple holding hands, a beautiful sunrise, a cat’s furry paw on my cheek, a miracle, a juicy bite of fruit.

These few gifts of my life contribute to my joy, peace, contentment; my well-being. I accept them with gratitude and try to practice them daily because they keep me living in spirit; and the more I live in spirit, the better my sense of well-being.

What contributes to your sense of well-being?

Time connecting with nature contributes to my well-being.

Click here to hear some of the inspirational music that speaks to my soul.



  1. I try to take the time to look at the sky every time I leave the house. A truly tranquil mind is called ‘sky-like’; thoughts come and go, leaving no trace like the clouds moving through the sky.


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