Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | August 2, 2010

People really are beautiful, aren’t they?

I spent last Saturday at the CA State Fair. I was specifically there to watch my husband perform and enjoy the Gospel Festival. I will tell you up front that I am not big on crowds. Nor am I big on waiting. I am working on both; along with not projecting about what it is going to be like in those situations. But this last Saturday, I found both of the conditions to be nothing less than enlightening and joyful.

Often times when performing at a festival, things get behind and you do not go on when scheduled. This was the case on Saturday; and so sitting on a bench, waiting for my husband’s band to play, I found myself people watching. I saw teenagers, young people, couples, big families, small families, pregnant women, skateboards, strollers, wheelchairs, little red wagons, midway prizes, and colorful umbrellas.

Some people were dressed up, some in costume, some in cultural apparel, some dressed for comfort. There were plenty of humorous or interesting hats, sunglasses, and carryall bags. And the shoes! From flip-flops to hiking boots, with trendy high heels that I don’t know how they walked the whole fair in, sprinkled in. I was enjoying my own, personal, fashion show. And there was more….

I heard peels of laughter, congenial chatter, squeals from the children, and the kind of music that only the heart can create. Occasionally, I would catch a snippet of conversation as folks commented on what they just saw, or tried to decide what to do next. I was even showered in bubbles, right when I needed a little cooling off, by a  giggling little boy who was passing by, sharing with everyone.

The time I spent waiting on a bench, in the middle of a crowd, was not the unpleasant experience I thought it might be. My fearful projection was blissfully way off. When it was finally time to go in and listen to the soul nourishing Gospel music, I found myself already full of joy and bouncing in thinking, “people really are beautiful, aren’t they?”.

What a gift this great big world full of people of every size, age, color, and culture is. And what a gift that each one of those people is special, and unique, and has something to share with the rest of us; whether they know it or not. What a gift it was to me to be shown, once again, that people really are beautiful!

I am. You are. We all are, aren’t we?

State Fair Gospel Festival audience

We are all beautiful, aren't we?



  1. I’m glad it turned out completely opposite of what you expected. It’s a wonderful thing to be surrounded by such joy!


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