Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | July 28, 2010

Purple Memory: A poem for mothers

Some of us are done raising our own, but still carry the priceless moments of the days when all we could do was try to keep up with our beautiful, busy, amazing children.

This poem is dedicated with big love to Shannon and David who inspired me to write it years ago when I realized that they would be grown before I knew it, and wanted to keep that in mind on those crazy, harried, busy, busy Mama days that felt like they would never end.

me and kids little

When they were small and I knew time would fly.



Purple Memory

Paper gone, you wax between my wrinkled fingers

Your once pointed end has dulled over time

You no longer peek out at me from dirty, chubby fingers

Or spread your vibrant color on my cold, white walls

Safe now, you won’t get broken under busy, mothering feet

And I won’t find you melted into my favorite slip

No, my little companion, you and I are no longer new

But don’t we wear our memories well?

Come rock with me little crayon

Our work has long been done





  1. Beautiful. I love your play on words. And am trying to ignore the aching in my heart that I know will come with my 3 year old’s independence.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter!


  2. Thank you Mia :).


  3. Thank you, Ma. Your poem is beautiful and I appreciate the birthday tribute!


  4. You are most welcome honey. I love you 🙂


  5. come rock with me little crayon is the most beautiful affecting line


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