Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | July 26, 2010

God used to be my co-pilot

God used to be my co-pilot

 God used to be my co-pilot, because He’d never leave me.
As I struggled to control my life He knew I’d finally see.
I thought I was the pilot and His job was just be there.
But then I finally got it and I gave Him back his chair.
Did that mean I was His co-pilot? No…that wasn’t right.
And then I really got it. I’m a steward on this flight!
I still fly with God each day, but I don’t run the show.
I follow Him and serve with love everywhere we go.


Are you the pilot, co-pilot, or steward of your life? If you are anything like me you have spent time in all three seats. And….if you are anything like me, you struggle with wanting to take over when you think it is not going well, or you think you want more, or with wanting to tell God, “Okay, you can be the pilot, but I am ready to take over anytime,”. You struggle with not really wanting to step back from the controls.

The good news is he already knows that we will struggle with stewardship and control. And so every time I kick him out of the cockpit he patiently waits for me to learn once again that my life is a gift from him and that my job is to take care of and share all that he has given me. His job is to take care of me.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to give over control for good. But I’m not worried about it because right now, in this moment, I can choose. And in this moment I choose to serve, not lead. And if I choose unwisely in the next moment, I can choose again. And I know that in the meantime the one who made me will wait lovingly by my side. I imagine he will chuckle over my stubbornness because he knows that I know that he is the pilot no matter where I sit.

Where are you in this moment? Are you in the cockpit, frantically manning all of the controls? Or are you back in coach; smiling, serving, content in knowing that there is no better pilot (not even you!) then the one who filed your flight plan before you were born.



  1. Great post! Control is a difficult thing to let go of, especially when we fear what will happen if we surrender it.


  2. Thank you Kevin :).


  3. I am definitely God’s steward. I am geographically challenged in every possible way. I take great comfort that he is my Pilot, because I know that I need one. I also know that God always knows where I am, even when I feel lost and afraid. I just have to ask him and he lovingly calms my heart, and shows me the way.


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