Posted by: Terri Johnston Fraracci | July 24, 2010

I am free! Now what do I do?

Freedom is a choice and you have always had the key – Who wrote that? Oh yes, that was me. I wrote that we hold the key through what we believe. I wrote that we are the ones who lock ourselves up and we are the ones who can set ourselves free. Now it’s my turn to “walk the talk”.

I have finally set up a blog so that I could write freely. The only rules are my own. Now that I have this opportunity, I find myself wondering what to write and how to share it. I am free! Now what do I do? Write freely, of course!

Human beings are funny. We are forever talking about how we want to be free. Free of debt, free of character defects, free of constraints, free to do exactly what we want to do. Then when freedom comes we find ourselves not knowing what to do with it. For so long we have held ourselves in check. Much as we complain about our situations, we find them comfortable. When we let ourselves out we feel disoriented, scared, confused. We turn back to look longingly at the cage and wonder if we are not better off in there.

We are not. I am not. I don’t believe for one second that God wants me to be afraid, hemmed in, or anything other than what He has lovingly designed me to be. This is my chance to make a difference in the world I live in. This is my chance to stand on my own two feet and create my own path through this life. This is my chance to be who I really am; to test my own authenticity. To give back to God what He has given me by giving you, the reader, what I have to offer.

I am free! Now what do I do? I do this: Write about my path and the path of others as we practice living in spirit in today’s world. Gratefully accept the wisdom of others as I develop and share my own. Walk joyfully next to the only boss I really want to work for – God.

So here I am, spreading my wings in freedom. I am excited about the journey before me. I know it will take me some time to find my own voice here, just as it took time to find it within the parameters of my other writing experience. But I know I will find it because, like the key, it has always been there. I just needed to set it free.



  1. UGH. I love it and so glad that you’ve started your blog!!!!

    Freedom in the blogosphere and in reality has been a complete puzzle to me. Interestingly, I feel unjudged, more supported and it generally much easier to be myself with all facets of who I am here, online, than I am in real life. Maybe it’s my surroundings of fake presentations, judgments and whispers…though not necessarily of me. But, if they do it to and about others, then why would I be off-limits….why would my family be. That’s my dilemma.

    But for you, your writing and your ability to express our world through eyes that remain fresh and able to enlighten us, remind us where we can make a difference within ourselves…this is wonderful!!!!


  2. Welcome to the blog world, Terri!


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